Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ns3::AarfcdWifiManagerImplementation of the AARF-CD algorithm
ns3::AarfWifiManagerAARF Rate control algorithm
ns3::AddressPolymophic address class
ns3::AddressValueHold objects of type ns3::Address
ns3::AdhocWifiMacAdhoc state machine
ns3::rapidnet::AggregatorAn base class for all database aggregate operations
ns3::rapidnet::AggrMaxImplements the database aggregate operation MAX
ns3::rapidnet::AggrMinImplements the database aggregate operation MIN
ns3::rapidnet::AggWrapA base class for all aggregate-wrap implementation
ns3::rapidnet::AggWrapCountAggregate wrap implementation for the count aggregate
ns3::rapidnet::AggWrapMaxAggregate wrap for the max aggregate operation
ns3::rapidnet::AggWrapMinAggregate wrap for the min aggregate operation
ns3::rapidnet::AggWrapMinMaxA single aggregate wrap for both Min/Max. We use the template method pattern to let the base classes implement the
ns3::AmrrWifiManagerAMRR Rate control algorithm
ns3::rapidnet::AppDecoratorTriggerA generic trigger defined for emitting decorator- frontend events for visualization
ns3::ApplicationThe base class for all ns3 applications
ns3::ApplicationContainerHolds a vector of ns3::Application pointers
ns3::rapidnet::AppLinkStateTriggerA trigger to record a link specific event
ns3::rapidnet::AppNodeStateTriggerA trigger to record a node specific event
ns3::rapidnet::AppTriggerAn application specific trigger
ns3::rapidnet::AppTupleStateTriggerA trigger to record a tuple event at a node
ns3::ArfWifiManagerARF Rate control algorithm
ns3::ArpCacheAn ARP cache
ns3::ArpCache::ArpCache::EntryA record that that holds information about an ArpCache entry
ns3::ArpHeaderThe packet header for an ARP packet
ns3::ArpL3ProtocolAn implementation of the ARP protocol
ns3::rapidnet::AssignorImplements the database assignment operation. An assignor assigns an attribute with a given name to a tuple by evaluating an
ns3::AttributeAccessorAllow setting and getting the value of an attribute
ns3::AttributeCheckerRepresent the type of an attribute
ns3::AttributeListContainer of attributes to be used during object's construction and in ns3::Object::Set
ns3::AttributeValueHold a value for an Attribute
ns3::BackoffThe backoff class is used for calculating backoff times when many net devices can write to the same channel
ns3::rapidnet::BlowfishEncryptionManagerA blowfish based encryption manager implementation
ns3::BooleanValueHold a bool native type
ns3::rapidnet::BoolValueA value type for booleans
ns3::BridgeChannelVirtual channel implementation for bridges (BridgeNetDevice)
ns3::BridgeHelperAdd capability to bridge multiple LAN segments (IEEE 802.1D bridging)
ns3::BridgeNetDeviceVirtual net device that bridges multiple LAN segments
ns3::BufferAutomatically resized byte buffer
ns3::Buffer::Buffer::IteratorIterator in a Buffer instance
ns3::rapidnet::ByteArrayValueA value type for uint8_t array (byte buffer)
ns3::ByteTagIteratorIterator over the set of tags in a packet
ns3::ByteTagListKeep track of the tags stored in a packet
ns3::CalendarSchedulerCalendar queue event scheduler
ns3::Callback< R, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9 >Callback template class
ns3::CandidateQueueA Candidate Queue used in static routing
ns3::CaraWifiManagerImplement the CARA rate control algorithm
ns3::ChannelAbstract Channel Base Class
ns3::ChunkAbstract base class for ns3::Header and ns3::Trailer
ns3::CommandLineParse command-line arguments

Instances of this class can be used to parse command-line arguments: users can register new arguments with CommandLine::AddValue but the most important functionality provided by this class is that it can be used to set the 'initial value' of every attribute in the system with the --TypeIdNameAttributeName=value syntax and it can be used to set the value of every GlobalValue in the system with the --GlobalValueName=value syntax

ns3::ConfigStoreStore and load simulation attribute configuration
ns3::ConstantAccelerationMobilityModelPosition model for which the current acceleration does not change once it has been set and until it is set again explicitely to a new value
ns3::ConstantPositionMobilityModelPosition model for which the current position does not change once it has been set and until it is set again explicitely to a new value
ns3::ConstantRateWifiManagerUse constant rates for data and control transmissions
ns3::ConstantSpeedPropagationDelayModelPropagation speed is constant
ns3::ConstantVariableA random variable that returns a constant

Class ConstantVariable defines a random number generator that returns the same value every sample

ns3::ConstantVelocityMobilityModelPosition model for which the current speed does not change once it has been set and until it is set again explicitely to a new value
ns3::CriticalSectionA class which provides a simple way to implement a Critical Section
ns3::CsmaChannelCsma Channel
ns3::CsmaDeviceRecCsmaNetDevice Record
ns3::CsmaHelperBuild a set of CsmaNetDevice objects
ns3::CsmaNetDeviceA Device for a Csma Network Link
ns3::rapidnet::DatabaseA RapidNet database
ns3::DataRateClass for representing data rates
ns3::DataRateValueHold objects of type ns3::DataRate
ns3::DcaTxopHandle packet fragmentation and retransmissions
ns3::DcfManagerManage a set of ns3::DcfState
ns3::DcfStateKeep track of the state needed for a single DCF function
ns3::DelayJitterEstimationQuick and dirty delay and jitter estimation
ns3::rapidnet::DeleteTriggerA trigger that is invoked when a tuple is deleted
ns3::DeterministicVariableNon-random variable

Defines a random variable that has a specified, predetermined sequence. This would be useful when trying to force the RNG to return a known sequence, perhaps to compare NS-3 to some other simulator

ns3::DoubleValueHold an floating point type
ns3::DropTailQueueA FIFO packet queue that drops tail-end packets on overflow
ns3::olsr::DuplicateTupleThe type "list of interface addresses"
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::EcaContextConverts a localized representation into ECA or Event Condition Action representation
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::EcaRuleAn individual ECA rule structure
ns3::EmpiricalVariableEmpiricalVariable distribution random var

Defines a random variable that has a specified, empirical distribution. The distribution is specified by a series of calls to the CDF member function, specifying a value and the probability that the function value is less than the specified value. When values are requested, a uniform random variable is used to select a probabililty, and the return value is interpreted linerarly between the two appropriate points in the CDF. The method is known as inverse transform sampling: (

ns3::emptyMake Callback use a separate empty type
ns3::EmptyAttributeValueA class for an empty attribute value
ns3::EmuHelperBuild a set of EmuNetDevice objects
ns3::EmuNetDeviceA Device for an Emu Network Link
ns3::EnumValueHold variables of type 'enum'
ns3::ErlangVariableErlang Distributed Random Variable

ErlangVariable defines a random variable with Erlang distribution

ns3::ErrorModelGeneral error model that can be used to corrupt packets
ns3::EthernetHeaderPacket header for Ethernet
ns3::EthernetTrailerPacket trailer for Ethernet
ns3::EventGarbageCollectorAn object that tracks scheduled events and automatically cancels them when it is destroyed. It is useful in situations where multiple instances of the same type of event can simultaneously be scheduled, and when the events should be limited to the lifetime of a container object
ns3::EventIdIdentifier for simulation events
ns3::EventImplSimulation event
ns3::rapidnet::EvpKeyEncapsulates EVP_KEY* type from OpenSSL for automatic memory management and load utilities
ns3::rapidnet::EvpKeyCacheA read-only cache for loading EvpKey objects
ns3::ExponentialVariableExponentially Distributed random var

This class supports the creation of objects that return random numbers from a fixed exponential distribution. It also supports the generation of single random numbers from various exponential distributions

ns3::rapidnet::ExpressionAbstract base class for all expressions
ns3::rapidnet::FAppendA RapidNet function that returns a list with the given value(s) appended in it
ns3::rapidnet::FConcatA RapidNet function that concatenates two list values
ns3::rapidnet::FDiffTimeA RadidNet function that returns the difference of two time strings (in seconds) as an integer
ns3::rapidnet::FHslsTtlA RadidNet function that returns the TTL or the number of hops that a triggered update should propogate in triggered HSLS implementation
ns3::FixedRssLossModelThe propagation loss is fixed. The user can set received power level
ns3::rapidnet::FLastA RapidNet function that returns the last element of a list
ns3::rapidnet::FMemberA RapidNet function that tests if a given value is the member of a list
ns3::rapidnet::FNowA RapidNet function that returns the current time as a string
ns3::rapidnet::FRandA RapidNet function that returns a random number as a string
ns3::rapidnet::FRemoveLastA RapidNet function that removes and returns last element of a list
ns3::FriisPropagationLossModelFriis propagation loss model
ns3::rapidnet::FSha1A RadpidNet function that returns the SHA1 hash of the string representation of the given value
ns3::rapidnet::FSizeA RapidNet function that returns the size of a list
ns3::rapidnet::FSvAndNotA RapidNet function that computes the andNot result of two summary vectors: (SV_1 & (~ SV_2))
ns3::rapidnet::FSvAppendA RapidNet function that hashes a given ID (string) into a new summary vector
ns3::rapidnet::FSvInA RapidNet function that tests whether a given ID (string) is hashed in a summary vector
ns3::rapidnet::FSvRemoveFA RapidNet function that hashes a given ID (string) out from a new summary vector
ns3::rapidnet::FTypeOfA RapidNet function that returns the string representation of the type of the given expression
ns3::rapidnet::FunctionExprFunction call as an expression. This class is merely a a marker interface for all functions, it does not provide any functionality
ns3::GammaVariableGamma Distributed Random Variable

GammaVariable defines a random variable with gamma distribution

ns3::GlobalRouteManagerA global global router
ns3::GlobalRouteManagerImplA global router implementation
ns3::GlobalRouteManagerLSDBThe Link State DataBase (LSDB) of the Global Route Manager
ns3::GlobalRouterAn interface aggregated to a node to provide global routing info
ns3::GlobalRoutingLinkRecordA single link record for a link state advertisement
ns3::GlobalRoutingLSALink State Advertisement (LSA) for a router, used in global routing
ns3::GlobalValueHold a so-called 'global value'
ns3::GnuplotSimple class to generate gnuplot-ready plotting commands from a set of datasets
ns3::Gnuplot2dDatasetClass to represent a 2D points plot. Set the line or points style using SetStyle() and set points using Add()
ns3::Gnuplot2dFunctionClass to represent a 2D function expression plot
ns3::Gnuplot3dDatasetClass to represent a 3D points plot. Set the line or points style using SetStyle() and set points using Add()
ns3::Gnuplot3dFunctionClass to represent a 3D function expression plot
ns3::GnuplotCollectionSimple class to group together multiple gnuplots into one file, e.g. for PDF multi-page output terminals
ns3::GnuplotDatasetAbstract class to store a plot line to be used by ns3::Gnuplot
ns3::GridPositionAllocatorAllocate positions on a rectangular 2d grid
ns3::GtkConfigStoreA class that provides a GTK-based front end to ns3::ConfigStore
ns3::HeaderProtocol header serialization and deserialization
ns3::rapidnet::HeapRelationA special type of relation that is similar to a min-heap or a max-heap
ns3::HeapSchedulerBinary heap event scheduler
ns3::HierarchicalMobilityModelHierachical mobility model
ns3::IdealWifiManagerIdeal rate control algorithm
ns3::rapidnet::IdValueA value type for 160-bit SHA1 hash values used by chord
ns3::olsr::IfaceAssocTupleAn Interface Association Tuple
ns3::Inet6SocketAddressAn Inet6 address class
ns3::InetSocketAddressInet address class
ns3::rapidnet::InsertTriggerA trigger that is invoked when a tuple is inserted
ns3::rapidnet::Int32ValueRapidNet value type for 32-bit integers
ns3::IntegerValueHold a signed integer type
ns3::IntEmpiricalVariableInteger-based empirical distribution

Defines an empirical distribution where all values are integers. Indentical to EmpiricalVariable, except that the inverse transform sampling interpolation described in the EmpiricalVariable documentation is modified to only return integers

ns3::InternetStackHelperAggregate IP/TCP/UDP functionality to existing Nodes
ns3::IntToType< v >
ns3::Ipv4AddressIpv4 addresses are stored in host order in this class
ns3::Ipv4AddressGeneratorThis generator assigns addresses sequentially from a provided network address; used in topology code
ns3::Ipv4AddressHelperA helper class to make life easier while doing simple IPv4 address assignment in scripts
ns3::Ipv4AddressValueHold objects of type ns3::Ipv4Address
ns3::Ipv4EndPointA representation of an internet endpoint/connection
ns3::Ipv4EndPointDemuxDemultiplexes packets to various transport layer endpoints
ns3::Ipv4GlobalRoutingGlobal routing protocol for IP version 4 stacks
ns3::Ipv4GlobalRoutingHelperHelper class that adds ns3::Ipv4GlobalRouting objects
ns3::Ipv4HeaderPacket header for IPv4
ns3::Ipv4InterfaceThe IPv4 representation of a network interface
ns3::Ipv4InterfaceAddressClass to store IPv4 address information on an interface
ns3::Ipv4InterfaceContainerKeep track of a set of ipv4 interfaces
ns3::Ipv4L3ProtocolImplement the Ipv4 layer
ns3::Ipv4L4ProtocolL4 Protocol abstract base class
ns3::Ipv4ListRoutingHelperHelper class that adds ns3::Ipv4ListRouting objects
ns3::Ipv4MaskClass to represent an Ipv4 address mask
ns3::Ipv4MaskValueHold objects of type ns3::Ipv4Mask
ns3::Ipv4MulticastRouteIpv4 multicast route cache entry (similar to Linux struct mfc_cache)
ns3::Ipv4MulticastRoutingTableEntryA record of an IPv4 multicast route for Ipv4GlobalRouting and Ipv4StaticRouting
ns3::Ipv4RawSocketFactoryAPI to create RAW socket instances
ns3::Ipv4RouteIpv4 route cache entry (similar to Linux struct rtable)
ns3::Ipv4RoutingHelperFactory to create ns3::Ipv4RoutingProtocol objects
ns3::Ipv4StaticRoutingStatic routing protocol for IP version 4 stacks
ns3::Ipv4StaticRoutingHelperHelper class that adds ns3::Ipv4StaticRouting objects
ns3::rapidnet::Ipv4ValueA value type for IP v4 addresses
ns3::Ipv6AddressDescribes an IPv6 address
ns3::Ipv6AddressValueHold objects of type ns3::Ipv6Address
ns3::Ipv6HeaderPacket header for IPv6
ns3::Ipv6PrefixDescribes an IPv6 prefix. It is just a bitmask like Ipv4Mask
ns3::Ipv6PrefixValueHold objects of type ns3::Ipv6Prefix
ns3::JakesPropagationLossModelJakes propagation loss model
ns3::olsr::LinkTupleA Link Tuple
ns3::ListErrorModelProvide a list of Packet uids to corrupt
ns3::ListPositionAllocatorAllocate positions from a deterministic list specified by the user
ns3::ListSchedulerStd::list event scheduler
ns3::rapidnet::ListValueA value type that is a list of RapidNet value types
ns3::LlcSnapHeaderHeader for the LLC/SNAP encapsulation
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::LocalizeContextTranslates the parsed NDlog protocol in OlContext to a localized representation
ns3::LogDistancePropagationLossModelLog distance propagation model
ns3::LogNormalVariableLog-normal Distributed random var

LogNormalVariable defines a random variable with log-normal distribution. If one takes the natural logarithm of random variable following the log-normal distribution, the obtained values follow a normal distribution. This class supports the creation of objects that return random numbers from a fixed lognormal distribution. It also supports the generation of single random numbers from various lognormal distributions

ns3::LoopbackNetDeviceVirtual network interface that loops back any data sent to it to be immediately received on the same interface
ns3::Mac48AddressEUI-48 address
ns3::Mac48AddressValueHold objects of type ns3::Mac48Address
ns3::Mac64AddressEUI-64 address
ns3::MacLowHandle RTS/CTS/DATA/ACK transactions
ns3::MacLowDcfListenerListen to NAV events
ns3::MacLowTransmissionListenerListen to events coming from ns3::MacLow
ns3::MacLowTransmissionParametersControl how a packet is transmitted
ns3::MapSchedulerStd::map event scheduler
ns3::Config::MatchContainerHold a set of objects which match a specific search string
ns3::MobilityHelperAssign positions and mobility models to nodes
ns3::MobilityModelKeep track of the current position of an object
ns3::olsr::MprSelectorTupleAn MPR-Selector Tuple
ns3::MsduAggregatorAbstract class that concrete msdu aggregators have to implement
ns3::NakagamiPropagationLossModelNakagami-m fast fading propagation loss model
ns3::NamesA directory of name and Ptr<Object> associations that allows us to give any ns3 Object a name
ns3::olsr::NeighborTupleA Neighbor Tuple
ns3::NetDeviceNetwork layer to device interface
ns3::NetDeviceContainerHolds a vector of ns3::NetDevice pointers
ns3::rapidnet::NilValueA value type that represents a null value
ns3::NodeA network Node
ns3::NodeContainerKeep track of a set of node pointers
ns3::NodeListList of simulation nodes
ns3::NormalVariableClass NormalVariable defines a random variable with a normal (Gaussian) distribution.

This class supports the creation of objects that return random numbers from a fixed normal distribution. It also supports the generation of single random numbers from various normal distributions

ns3::NqapWifiMacNon-QoS AP state machine
ns3::NqosWifiMacHelperCreate non-qos MAC layers for a ns3::WifiNetDevice. This class can create MACs of type ns3::NqapWifiMac, ns3::NqstaWifiMac, and, ns3::AdhocWifiMac
ns3::NqstaWifiMacNon-QoS STA state machine
ns3::Ns2CalendarSchedulerCalendar queue event scheduler
ns3::Ns2MobilityHelperTopology object which can read ns2's movement files generated by the CMU setdest tool
ns3::NscTcpL4ProtocolNsc wrapper glue, to interface with the Ipv4 protocol underneath
ns3::NscTcpSocketFactoryImplSocket factory implementation for creating instances of NSC TCP
ns3::NscTcpSocketImplSocket logic for the NSC TCP sockets
ns3::ObjectBase class which provides memory management and object aggregation
ns3::Object::Object::AggregateIteratorIterate over the objects aggregated to an ns3::Object
ns3::ObjectBaseImplement the ns-3 type and attribute system
ns3::ObjectFactoryInstantiate subclasses of ns3::Object
ns3::ObjectFactoryValueHold objects of type ns3::ObjectFactory
ns3::ObjectVectorValueContain a vector of ns3::Object pointers
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContextA parsed form of the entire protocol in NDlog
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::ContextThe meta-data of SeNDlog context
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::TableInfoThe meta-data of the table
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlLexerA C++ wrapper for the RapidNet lexical analyzer
ns3::OlsrHelperHelper class that adds OLSR routing to nodes
ns3::OnoeWifiManagerImplementation of rate control algorithm developed by Atsushi Onoe
ns3::OnOffApplicationGenerate traffic to a single destination according to an OnOff pattern
ns3::OnOffHelperInstanciate an ns3::OnOffApplication on a set of nodes
ns3::rapidnet::OperationAn operation over one (unary) or two (binary) operands which are in turn expressions
ns3::PacketNetwork packets
ns3::PacketSinkReceive and consume traffic generated to an IP address and port
ns3::PacketSocketA PacketSocket is a link between an application and a net device
ns3::PacketSocketAddressAddress for a packet socket
ns3::PacketSocketHelperGive ns3::PacketSocket powers to ns3::Node
ns3::PacketTagIteratorIterator over the set of 'packet' tags in a packet
ns3::ParetoVariableParetoVariable distributed random var

This class supports the creation of objects that return random numbers from a fixed pareto distribution. It also supports the generation of single random numbers from various pareto distributions

ns3::rapidnet_compiler::ParseExprA ParseExpr represents expressions in the Overlog language
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::ParseValBoxing up a ValuePtr so we can pass it through the Bison parser
ns3::PcapWriterPcap output for Packet logger
ns3::PendingDataClass for managing I/O between applications and TCP
ns3::rapidnet::PkiAuthenticationManagerA PKI based authentication manager implementation
ns3::PointerValueHold objects of type Ptr<T>
ns3::PointToPointChannelSimple Point To Point Channel
ns3::PointToPointHelperBuild a set of PointToPointNetDevice objects
ns3::PointToPointNetDeviceA Device for a Point to Point Network Link
ns3::PositionAllocatorAllocate a set of positions. The allocation strategy is implemented in subclasses
ns3::PppHeaderPacket header for PPP
ns3::PropagationDelayModelCalculate a propagation delay
ns3::PropagationLossModelModelize the propagation loss through a transmission medium
ns3::Ptr< T >Smart pointer class similar to boost::intrusive_ptr
ns3::QosWifiMacHelperCreate qos MAC layers for a ns3::WifiNetDevice. This class can create MACs of type ns3::QapWifiMac, ns3::QstaWifiMac, and, ns3::QadhocWifiMac
ns3::QueueAbstract base class for packet Queues
ns3::RandomDirection2dMobilityModelRandomDirection mobility model
ns3::RandomDiscPositionAllocatorAllocate random positions within a disc according to a pair of random variables
ns3::RandomPropagationDelayModelPropagation delay is random
ns3::RandomPropagationLossModelThe propagation loss follows a random distribution
ns3::RandomRectanglePositionAllocatorAllocate random positions within a rectangle according to a pair of random variables
ns3::RandomVariableThe basic RNG for NS-3.

Note: The underlying random number generation method used by NS-3 is the RngStream code by Pierre L'Ecuyer at the University of Montreal

ns3::RandomVariableValueHold objects of type ns3::RandomVariable
ns3::RandomWalk2dMobilityModel2D random walk position model
ns3::RandomWaypointMobilityModelRandom waypoint mobility model
ns3::rapidnet::RangeExprRange expression. It is one of the 4 types as defined by Interval
ns3::rapidnet::RapidNetApplicationBaseA base class for all RapidNet applications
ns3::rapidnet::RapidNetApplicationHelperA base helper for all RapidNet applications
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::RapidNetContextRewrites from the EcaContext to C++ code for RapidNet
ns3::rapidnet::RapidNetDecoratorFrontendA RapidNet extension to the decorator frontend used for visualization
ns3::rapidnet::RapidNetHeaderRapidNet extension of
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::RapidNetTableRepresents the definition of a materialized table with its name and key attributes
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::RapidNetTupleRepresents the tuples (similar to ParseFunctor) that is manipulated in the rule method bodies
ns3::RateErrorModelDetermine which packets are errored corresponding to an underlying distribution, rate, and unit
ns3::rapidnet::RealValueA value type for a floating point value
ns3::Rectangle2d rectangle
ns3::RectangleValueHold objects of type ns3::Rectangle
ns3::RefCountBaseBase class that provides implementations of reference counting operations
ns3::rapidnet::RefreshTriggerA trigger that is invoked when a tuple is refreshed
ns3::rapidnet::RelationA database relation with key attributes defined
ns3::rapidnet::RelationBaseA base class for relation objects. A relation has a name and is a collection of
ns3::RngStreamCombined Multiple-Recursive Generator MRG32k3a
ns3::olsr::RoutingTableEntryAn OLSR's routing table entry
ns3::RraaWifiManagerRobust Rate Adaptation Algorithm
ns3::RttHistoryImplements several variations of round trip time estimators
ns3::SchedulerMaintain the event list
ns3::rapidnet::SelectorImplements the database select operation. It evaluates an expression against the given tuple and returns true if the tuple should be selected, false otherwise
ns3::rapidnet::SendlogAuthenticationManagerRapidNet applications delegate the authentication features to the SendlogAuthenticationManager. RapidNet applications written in SeNDlog (and not NDlog) require authentication capabilities. This object represents an interface to the authentication operations "sign" and "verify". Concrete implementations of this interface can be associated to the RapidNet applications at the time of initialization
ns3::rapidnet::SendlogEncryptionManagerRapidNet applications delegate the encryption features to the SendlogEncryptionManager. RapidNet applications written in SeNDlog (and not NDlog) require encryption capabilities. This object represents an interface to the encryption operations "encrypt" and "decrypt". Concrete implementations of this interface can be associated to the RapidNet applications at the time of initialization
SequenceNumberClass to manage arithmetic operations on sequence numbers (mod 2^32)
ns3::SequentialVariableReturn a sequential list of values

Class SequentialVariable defines a random number generator that returns a sequential sequence. The sequence monotonically increases for a period, then wraps around to the low value and begins monotonicaly increasing again

ns3::SimpleChannelA simple channel, for simple things and testing
ns3::SimpleNetDeviceSimple net device for simple things and testing
ns3::SimulationSingleton< T >
ns3::SimulatorControl the scheduling of simulation events
ns3::Singleton< T >Template singleton
ns3::SocketA low-level Socket API based loosely on the BSD Socket API.

A few things to keep in mind about this type of socket:

  • it uses ns-3 API constructs such as class ns3::Address instead of C-style structs
  • in contrast to the original BSD socket API, this API is asynchronous: it does not contain blocking calls. Sending and receiving operations must make use of the callbacks provided.
  • It also uses class ns3::Packet as a fancy byte buffer, allowing data to be passed across the API using an ns-3 Packet instead of a raw data pointer.
  • Not all of the full POSIX sockets API is supported
ns3::SocketAddressTagThis class implements a tag that carries an address of a packet across the socket interface
ns3::SocketFactoryObject to create transport layer instances that provide a socket API to applications
ns3::SocketIpTtlTagThis class implements a tag that carries the socket-specific TTL of a packet to the IP layer
ns3::SocketSetDontFragmentTagIndicated whether packets should be sent out with the DF flag set
ns3::SPFVertexVertex used in shortest path first (SPF) computations. See RFC 2328, Section 16
ns3::SsidIEEE 802.11 SSID
ns3::SsidValueHold objects of type ns3::Ssid
ns3::StringValueHold variables of type string
ns3::rapidnet::StrValueA value type for strings
ns3::rapidnet::SvValueA value type for summary vector. This value type is used by the Epidemic protocol for delay tolerant networks
ns3::SynchronizerBase class used for synchronizing the simulation events to some real time "wall clock."
ns3::SystemConditionA class which provides a relatively platform-independent conditional-wait thread synchronization primitive
ns3::SystemMutexA class which provides a relatively platform-independent Mutual Exclusion thread synchronization primitive
ns3::SystemThreadA class which provides a relatively platform-independent thread primitive
ns3::SystemWallClockMsMeasure wall-clock time in milliseconds
ns3::rapidnet_compiler::TableStoreStores the definition of materialized tables for the protocol
ns3::TagTag a set of bytes in a packet
ns3::TagBufferRead and write tag data
ns3::TapBridgeA bridge to make it appear that a real host process is connected to an ns-3 net device
ns3::TcpHeaderHeader for the Transmission Control Protocol
ns3::TcpL4ProtocolA layer between the sockets interface and IP
ns3::TcpSocket(abstract) base class of all TcpSockets
ns3::TcpSocketFactoryAPI to create TCP socket instances
ns3::TcpSocketFactoryImplSocket factory implementation for native ns-3 TCP
ns3::TcpSocketImplAn implementation of a stream socket using TCP
ns3::rapidnet::TempRelationA relation that is implemented as a list of tuples
ns3::TestBase class for new regressions tests
ns3::TestManagerGather and run all regression tests
ns3::ThreeLogDistancePropagationLossModelA log distance path loss propagation model with three distance fields. This model is the same as ns3::LogDistancePropagationLossModel except that it has three distance fields: near, middle and far with different exponents
ns3::TimerSimple Timer class
ns3::TimeUnit< N >Keep track of time unit
ns3::TimeValueHold objects of type ns3::Time
ns3::olsr::TopologyTupleA Topology Tuple
ns3::TracedCallback< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 >Forward calls to a chain of Callback

An ns3::TracedCallback has almost exactly the same API as a normal ns3::Callback but instead of forwarding calls to a single function (as an ns3::Callback normally does), it forwards calls to a chain of ns3::Callback. TracedCallback::Connect adds a ns3::Callback at the end of the chain of callbacks. TracedCallback::Disconnect removes a ns3::Callback from the chain of callbacks

ns3::TracedValue< T >Trace classes with value semantics
ns3::TraceSourceAccessorControl access to objects' trace sources
ns3::TrailerProtocol trailer serialization and deserialization
ns3::TriangularVariableTriangularly Distributed random var

This distribution is a triangular distribution. The probablility density is in the shape of a triangle

ns3::rapidnet::TriggerA callback function object that serves as a database trigger
ns3::rapidnet::TriggerListA list of triggers
ns3::rapidnet::TupleA RapidNet tuple. A RapidNet tuple is a collection of
ns3::rapidnet::TupleAttributeRepresents an attribute of a tuple. An attribute is a name-value pair
ns3::olsr::TwoHopNeighborTupleA 2-hop Tuple
ns3::TypeIdUnique identifier for an interface
ns3::TypeId::TypeId::AttributeInfoStore together a set of attribute properties
ns3::TypeIdValueHold objects of type ns3::TypeId
ns3::UdpEchoClientA Udp Echo client
ns3::UdpEchoServerA Udp Echo server
ns3::UdpHeaderPacket header for UDP packets
ns3::UdpL4ProtocolImplementation of the UDP protocol
ns3::UdpSocket(abstract) base class of all UdpSockets
ns3::UdpSocketFactoryAPI to create UDP socket instances
ns3::UdpSocketFactoryImplObject to create UDP socket instances
ns3::UdpSocketImplA sockets interface to UDP
ns3::UintegerValueHold an unsigned integer type
ns3::UniformVariableThe uniform distribution RNG for NS-3.

This class supports the creation of objects that return random numbers from a fixed uniform distribution. It also supports the generation of single random numbers from various uniform distributions

ns3::rapidnet::ValueThe base for all RapidNet value types
ns3::rapidnet::ValueExprA value expression. Evaluates to the value itself
ns3::rapidnet::VarExprA variable expression. The variable name is the name of a tuple attribute. It evaluates to the value of that attribute in the given tuple
ns3::Vector3d cartesian position vector
ns3::VectorValueHold objects of type ns3::Vector
ns3::VirtualNetDeviceA virtual device, similar to Linux TUN/TAP interfaces
ns3::WallClockSynchronizerClass used for synchronizing the simulation events to a real-time "wall clock" using Posix Clock functions
ns3::WatchdogVery simple watchdog
ns3::WeibullVariableWeibullVariable distributed random var

This class supports the creation of objects that return random numbers from a fixed weibull distribution. It also supports the generation of single random numbers from various weibull distributions

ns3::WifiChannelA 802.11 Channel
ns3::WifiHelperHelps to create WifiNetDevice objects
ns3::WifiMacBase class for all MAC-level wifi objects
ns3::WifiMacHelperCreate MAC objects
ns3::WifiMacQueue802.11e-specific queue
ns3::WifiModeRepresent a single transmission mode
ns3::WifiModeFactoryCreate WifiMode class instances and keep track of them
ns3::WifiModeValueHold objects of type ns3::WifiMode
ns3::WifiNetDeviceHold together all Wifi-related objects
ns3::WifiPhy802.11 PHY layer model
ns3::WifiPhyHelperCreate PHY objects
ns3::WifiPhyListenerReceive notifications about phy events
ns3::WifiRemoteStationHold per-remote-station state
ns3::WifiRemoteStationManagerHold a list of per-remote-station state
ns3::YansErrorRateModelModel the error rate for different modulations
ns3::YansWifiChannelA Yans wifi channel
ns3::YansWifiChannelHelperManage and create wifi channel objects for the yans model
ns3::YansWifiPhy802.11 PHY layer model
ns3::YansWifiPhyHelperMake it easy to create and manage PHY objects for the yans model
ns3::ZipfVariableZipf Distributed random var (between 1 and n included)

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