ns3::Ipv4InterfaceContainer Class Reference

keep track of a set of ipv4 interfaces. More...

#include <ipv4-interface-container.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Ipv4InterfaceContainer ()
void Add (Ipv4InterfaceContainer other)
uint32_t GetN (void) const
Ipv4Address GetAddress (uint32_t i, uint32_t j=0) const
void Add (Ptr< Ipv4 > ipv4, uint32_t interface)

Detailed Description

keep track of a set of ipv4 interfaces.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::Ipv4InterfaceContainer::Ipv4InterfaceContainer (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void ns3::Ipv4InterfaceContainer::Add ( Ptr< Ipv4 >  ipv4,
uint32_t  interface 

ipv4 pointer to Ipv4 object
interface interface index of the Ipv4Interface to add to the container

void ns3::Ipv4InterfaceContainer::Add ( Ipv4InterfaceContainer  other  ) 

Concatenate the entries in the other container with ours.

Ipv4Address ns3::Ipv4InterfaceContainer::GetAddress ( uint32_t  i,
uint32_t  j = 0 
) const

the IPv4 address of the j'th address of the interface corresponding to index i.
If the second parameter is omitted, the zeroth indexed address of the interface is returned. Unless IP aliaising is being used on the interface, the second parameter may typically be omitted.

uint32_t ns3::Ipv4InterfaceContainer::GetN ( void   )  const

the number of interfaces stored in this Ipv4InterfaceContainer.

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