ns3::DataRate Class Reference
[Data Rate]

Class for representing data rates. More...

#include <data-rate.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DataRate (uint64_t bps)
 Integer constructor.
double CalculateTxTime (uint32_t bytes) const
 Calculate transmission time.
uint64_t GetBitRate () const

Detailed Description

Class for representing data rates.

Allows for natural and familiar use of data rates. Allows construction from strings, natural multiplication e.g.:

 DataRate x("56kbps");
 double nBits = x*ns3::Seconds(19.2);
 uint32_t nBytes = 20;
 double txtime = x.CalclulateTxTime(nBytes);
This class also supports the regular comparison operators <, >, <=, >=, ==, and !=

Conventions used: "b" stands for bits, "B" for bytes (8 bits)
"k" stands for 1000, "K" also stands for 1000, "Ki" stands for 1024
"M" stand for 1000000, "Mib" stands for 1024 kibibits, or 1048576 bits
"G" stand for 10^9, "Gib" stands for 1024 mebibits
whitespace is allowed but not required between the numeric value and units

Supported unit strings: bps, b/s, Bps, B/s
kbps, kb/s, Kbps, Kb/s, kBps, kB/s, KBps, KB/s, Kib/s, KiB/s
Mbps, Mb/s, MBps, MB/s, Mib/s, MiB/s
Gbps, Gb/s, GBps, GB/s, Gib/s, GiB/s

Examples: "56kbps" = 56,000 bits/s
"128 kb/s" = 128,000 bits/s
"8Kib/s" = 1 KiB/s = 8192 bits/s
"1kB/s" = 8000 bits/s

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::DataRate::DataRate ( uint64_t  bps  ) 

Integer constructor.

Construct a data rate from an integer. This class only supports positive integer data rates in units of bits/s, meaning 1bit/s is the smallest non-trivial bitrate availiable.

Member Function Documentation

double ns3::DataRate::CalculateTxTime ( uint32_t  bytes  )  const

Calculate transmission time.

Calculates the transmission time at this data rate

bytes The number of bytes (not bits) for which to calculate
The tranmission time in seconds for the number of bytes specified

uint64_t ns3::DataRate::GetBitRate (  )  const

Get the underlying bitrate

The underlying bitrate in bits per second

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