ns3::rapidnet::AppNodeStateTrigger Class Reference
[RapidNet Library]

A trigger to record a node specific event. More...

#include <app-decorator-trigger.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< AppDecoratorTriggerNew (Ptr< RapidNetApplicationBase > app, string name, string state, bool add)
 Factory method to create a new object.

Detailed Description

A trigger to record a node specific event.

Member Function Documentation

static Ptr<AppDecoratorTrigger> ns3::rapidnet::AppNodeStateTrigger::New ( Ptr< RapidNetApplicationBase app,
string  name,
string  state,
bool  add 
) [static]

Factory method to create a new object.

app Associated RapidNet application.
name Name of the tuple that triggers the event.
state Name of the node state that is recorded.
add If true, then the node state is added, removed otherwise.

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