ns3::YansWifiChannel Class Reference

A Yans wifi channel. More...

#include <yans-wifi-channel.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual uint32_t GetNDevices (void) const
virtual Ptr< NetDeviceGetDevice (uint32_t i) const
void SetPropagationLossModel (Ptr< PropagationLossModel > loss)
void SetPropagationDelayModel (Ptr< PropagationDelayModel > delay)
void Send (Ptr< YansWifiPhy > sender, Ptr< const Packet > packet, double txPowerDbm, WifiMode wifiMode, WifiPreamble preamble) const

Static Public Member Functions

static TypeId GetTypeId (void)
 This method returns the TypeId associated to ns3::WifiChannel.

Detailed Description

A Yans wifi channel.

This wifi channel implements the propagation model described in "Yet Another Network Simulator", (http://cutebugs.net/files/wns2-yans.pdf).

This class is expected to be used in tandem with the ns3::YansWifiPhy class and contains a ns3::PropagationLossModel and a ns3::PropagationDelayModel. By default, no propagation models are set so, it is the caller's responsability to set them before using the channel.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Ptr<NetDevice> ns3::YansWifiChannel::GetDevice ( uint32_t  i  )  const [virtual]

i index of NetDevice to retrieve
one of the NetDevices connected to this channel.
This method must be implemented by subclasses.

Implements ns3::Channel.

virtual uint32_t ns3::YansWifiChannel::GetNDevices ( void   )  const [virtual]

the number of NetDevices connected to this Channel.
This method must be implemented by subclasses.

Implements ns3::Channel.

static TypeId ns3::YansWifiChannel::GetTypeId ( void   )  [static]

This method returns the TypeId associated to ns3::WifiChannel.

/*! /*! /*! /*! /*!

This object is accessible through the following paths with Config::Set and Config::Connect:

  • /NodeList/[i]/DeviceList/[i]/$ns3::WifiNetDevice/Channel
No Attributes defined for this type.
No TraceSources defined for this type.

Reimplemented from ns3::WifiChannel.

void ns3::YansWifiChannel::Send ( Ptr< YansWifiPhy sender,
Ptr< const Packet packet,
double  txPowerDbm,
WifiMode  wifiMode,
WifiPreamble  preamble 
) const

sender the device from which the packet is originating.
packet the packet to send
txPowerDbm the tx power associated to the packet
wifiMode the tx mode associated to the packet
preamble the preamble associated to the packet
This method should not be invoked by normal users. It is currently invoked only from WifiPhy::Send.

void ns3::YansWifiChannel::SetPropagationDelayModel ( Ptr< PropagationDelayModel delay  ) 

delay the new propagation delay model.

void ns3::YansWifiChannel::SetPropagationLossModel ( Ptr< PropagationLossModel loss  ) 

loss the new propagation loss model.

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