ns3::rapidnet_compiler::EcaRule Class Reference
[RapidNet Compiler]

An individual ECA rule structure. More...

#include <eca-context.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EcaRule (string r)
string ToString ()
string GetEventName ()

Public Attributes

ParseEvent * pEvent
ParseAction * pAction
vector< ParseFunctor * > probeTerms
vector< ParseTerm * > selectAssignTerms
bool aggWrap

Detailed Description

An individual ECA rule structure.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::rapidnet_compiler::EcaRule::EcaRule ( string  r  ) 

Create a new empty rule

Member Function Documentation

string ns3::rapidnet_compiler::EcaRule::GetEventName (  ) 

What's the name of my event tuple?

string ns3::rapidnet_compiler::EcaRule::ToString (  ) 

Generate a string representation of the rule

Member Data Documentation

Is this an aggwrap rule?

The action of this rule

The event of this ECA rule

The join conditions of this rule

The selection/assginment conditions of this rule

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