ns3::rapidnet::AggWrap Class Reference
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A base class for all aggregate-wrap implementation. More...

#include <aggwrap.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

template<class SubType >
static Ptr< AggWrapNew (list< attrdeftype > allAttrs, uint32_t aggrPos)
 A template based Factory method.

Protected Member Functions

Ptr< RelationGetNewAggrRelation (string name)

Detailed Description

A base class for all aggregate-wrap implementation.

An aggregate wrap is an aggregate that wraps around a rule strand. Its life time is only until the rule is executing. It produces an aggregate view of a materialized or computed relation. This view may be used to compute the result of the rule that is fired and after that the aggregate wrap is destroyed.

Note that AggWrapCount works a bit differently.

Member Function Documentation

Ptr<Relation> ns3::rapidnet::AggWrap::GetNewAggrRelation ( string  name  )  [protected]

Create and return a new relation for computing the aggregate results.

template<class SubType >
Ptr< AggWrap > ns3::rapidnet::AggWrap::New ( list< attrdeftype >  allAttrs,
uint32_t  aggrPos 
) [inline, static]

A template based Factory method.

Subtype should either be AggWrapMin or AggWrapMax. Not AggWrapCount since it works differently.

allAttrs The list of all attributes in the input relation.
aggrPos The position number (1-based) of the attribute over which the aggregate is defined.

References NS_ASSERT_MSG.

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