ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::Rule Struct Reference

#include <ol-context.h>

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Public Attributes

ParseFunctor * head
bool deleteFlag
bool deleteEventFlag
list< ParseTerm * > terms
bool isPeriodic
bool isAggregate
bool isProvenanceRule

Detailed Description

An OverLog rule structure

Member Data Documentation

bool ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::Rule::deleteEventFlag

Is this rule having a delete event?

bool ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::Rule::deleteFlag

Is this rule a delete rule?

ParseFunctor* ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::Rule::head

The functor at the rule head

bool ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::Rule::isAggregate

(Provenance) Whether this is an aggregate rule if yes, no.4 rewritten rule will be the original rule itself

bool ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::Rule::isPeriodic

(Provenance) Provenance rewritten rules from a original periodic rule. In this case, delete rewritten rule is not needed.

bool ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::Rule::isProvenanceRule

(Provenance) Indicate whether this is a provenance rewritten rule

list<ParseTerm*> ns3::rapidnet_compiler::OlContext::OlContext::Rule::terms

The list of terms in the rule body

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