ns3::Ipv4Header Class Reference

Packet header for IPv4. More...

#include <ipv4-header.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Ipv4Header ()
 Construct a null IPv4 header.
void EnableChecksum (void)
 Enable checksum calculation for this header.
void SetPayloadSize (uint16_t size)
void SetIdentification (uint16_t identification)
void SetTos (uint8_t tos)
void SetMoreFragments (void)
void SetLastFragment (void)
void SetDontFragment (void)
void SetMayFragment (void)
void SetFragmentOffset (uint16_t offset)
void SetTtl (uint8_t ttl)
void SetProtocol (uint8_t num)
void SetSource (Ipv4Address source)
void SetDestination (Ipv4Address destination)
uint16_t GetPayloadSize (void) const
uint16_t GetIdentification (void) const
uint8_t GetTos (void) const
bool IsLastFragment (void) const
bool IsDontFragment (void) const
uint16_t GetFragmentOffset (void) const
uint8_t GetTtl (void) const
uint8_t GetProtocol (void) const
Ipv4Address GetSource (void) const
Ipv4Address GetDestination (void) const
bool IsChecksumOk (void) const
virtual TypeId GetInstanceTypeId (void) const
virtual void Print (std::ostream &os) const
virtual uint32_t GetSerializedSize (void) const
virtual void Serialize (Buffer::Iterator start) const
virtual uint32_t Deserialize (Buffer::Iterator start)

Static Public Member Functions

static TypeId GetTypeId (void)
 This method returns the TypeId associated to ns3::Ipv4Header.

Detailed Description

Packet header for IPv4.

Member Function Documentation

virtual uint32_t ns3::Ipv4Header::Deserialize ( Buffer::Iterator  start  )  [virtual]

start an iterator which points to where the header should written.
the number of bytes read.
This method is used by Packet::RemoveHeader to re-create a header from the byte buffer of a packet. The data read is expected to match bit-for-bit the representation of this header in real networks.

Implements ns3::Header.

Ipv4Address ns3::Ipv4Header::GetDestination ( void   )  const

the destination address of this packet

uint16_t ns3::Ipv4Header::GetFragmentOffset ( void   )  const

the offset of this fragment.

uint16_t ns3::Ipv4Header::GetIdentification ( void   )  const

the identification field of this packet.

virtual TypeId ns3::Ipv4Header::GetInstanceTypeId ( void   )  const [virtual]

the TypeId associated to the most-derived type of this instance.
This method is typically implemented by ns3::Object::GetInstanceTypeId but some classes which derive from ns3::ObjectBase directly have to implement it themselves.

Implements ns3::ObjectBase.

uint16_t ns3::Ipv4Header::GetPayloadSize ( void   )  const

the size of the payload in bytes

uint8_t ns3::Ipv4Header::GetProtocol ( void   )  const

the protocol field of this packet

virtual uint32_t ns3::Ipv4Header::GetSerializedSize ( void   )  const [virtual]

the expected size of the header.
This method is used by Packet::AddHeader to store a header into the byte buffer of a packet. This method should return the number of bytes which are needed to store the full header data by Serialize.

Implements ns3::Header.

Ipv4Address ns3::Ipv4Header::GetSource ( void   )  const

the source address of this packet

uint8_t ns3::Ipv4Header::GetTos ( void   )  const

the TOS field of this packet.

uint8_t ns3::Ipv4Header::GetTtl ( void   )  const

the TTL field of this packet

static TypeId ns3::Ipv4Header::GetTypeId ( void   )  [static]

This method returns the TypeId associated to ns3::Ipv4Header.

No Attributes defined for this type.
No TraceSources defined for this type.

Reimplemented from ns3::Header.

bool ns3::Ipv4Header::IsChecksumOk ( void   )  const

true if the ipv4 checksum is correct, false otherwise.
If Ipv4Header::EnableChecksums has not been called prior to deserializing this header, this method will always return true.

bool ns3::Ipv4Header::IsDontFragment ( void   )  const

true if this is this packet can be fragmented.

bool ns3::Ipv4Header::IsLastFragment ( void   )  const

true if this is the last fragment of a packet, false otherwise.

virtual void ns3::Ipv4Header::Print ( std::ostream &  os  )  const [virtual]

This method is used by Packet::Print to print the content of a trailer as ascii data to a c++ output stream. Although the trailer is free to format its output as it wishes, it is recommended to follow a few rules to integrate with the packet pretty printer: start with flags, small field values located between a pair of parens. Values should be separated by whitespace. Follow the parens with the important fields, separated by whitespace. i.e.: (field1 val1 field2 val2 field3 val3) field4 val4 field5 val5

Implements ns3::Header.

virtual void ns3::Ipv4Header::Serialize ( Buffer::Iterator  start  )  const [virtual]

start an iterator which points to where the header should be written.
This method is used by Packet::AddHeader to store a header into the byte buffer of a packet. The data written is expected to match bit-for-bit the representation of this header in a real network.

Implements ns3::Header.

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetDestination ( Ipv4Address  destination  ) 

destination the destination of this packet.

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetDontFragment ( void   ) 

Don't fragment this packet: if you need to anyway, drop it.

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetFragmentOffset ( uint16_t  offset  ) 

offset the ipv4 fragment offset

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetIdentification ( uint16_t  identification  ) 

identification the Identification field of IPv4 packets.
By default, set to zero.

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetLastFragment ( void   ) 

This packet is the last packet of a fragmented ipv4 packet.

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetMayFragment ( void   ) 

If you need to fragment this packet, you can do it.

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetMoreFragments ( void   ) 

This packet is not the last packet of a fragmented ipv4 packet.

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetPayloadSize ( uint16_t  size  ) 

size the size of the payload in bytes

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetProtocol ( uint8_t  num  ) 

num the ipv4 protocol field

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetSource ( Ipv4Address  source  ) 

source the source of this packet

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetTos ( uint8_t  tos  ) 

tos the 8 bits of Ipv4 TOS.

void ns3::Ipv4Header::SetTtl ( uint8_t  ttl  ) 

ttl the ipv4 TTL

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