ns3::GnuplotDataset Class Reference

Abstract class to store a plot line to be used by ns3::Gnuplot. More...

#include <gnuplot.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GnuplotDataset (const GnuplotDataset &original)
 ~GnuplotDataset ()
GnuplotDatasetoperator= (const GnuplotDataset &original)
void SetTitle (const std::string &title)
 Change line title.
void SetExtra (const std::string &extra)
 Add extra formatting parameters to this dataset.

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetDefaultExtra (const std::string &extra)
 Change extra formatting style parameters for newly created objects.

Protected Member Functions

 GnuplotDataset (struct Data *data)

Protected Attributes

struct Data * m_data

Static Protected Attributes

static std::string m_defaultExtra
 Extra gnuplot parameters set on every newly created dataset.


class Gnuplot

Detailed Description

Abstract class to store a plot line to be used by ns3::Gnuplot.

This class contains a reference counted data object in m_data. The data object contains different structs derived from struct Data by subclasses.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::GnuplotDataset::GnuplotDataset ( const GnuplotDataset original  ) 

Reference-counting copy constructor.

ns3::GnuplotDataset::~GnuplotDataset (  ) 

Reference-counting destructor.

ns3::GnuplotDataset::GnuplotDataset ( struct Data *  data  )  [protected]

Called by constructors of derived classes.

data the reference counted data object representing this dataset.

Member Function Documentation

GnuplotDataset& ns3::GnuplotDataset::operator= ( const GnuplotDataset original  ) 

Reference-counting assignment operator.

static void ns3::GnuplotDataset::SetDefaultExtra ( const std::string &  extra  )  [static]

Change extra formatting style parameters for newly created objects.

extra extra formatting

void ns3::GnuplotDataset::SetExtra ( const std::string &  extra  ) 

Add extra formatting parameters to this dataset.

extra extra formatting

void ns3::GnuplotDataset::SetTitle ( const std::string &  title  ) 

Change line title.

title the new title string to use for this dataset.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Gnuplot [friend]

Friend because it accesses m_data and it's virtual functions directly in GenerateOutput().

Member Data Documentation

struct Data* ns3::GnuplotDataset::m_data [read, protected]

Reference counted data object.

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