ns3::EventImpl Class Reference

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#include <event-impl.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Invoke (void)
void Cancel (void)
bool IsCancelled (void)

Detailed Description

a simulation event

Each subclass of this base class represents a simulation event. The EventImpl::Invoke method will be invoked by the simulation engine when the time associated to this event expires. This class is obviously (there are Ref and Unref methods) reference-counted and most subclasses are usually created by one of the many Simulator::Schedule methods.

Member Function Documentation

void ns3::EventImpl::Cancel ( void   ) 

Marks the event as 'canceled'. The event will not be removed from the event list but the simulation engine will check its canceled status before calling Invoke.

void ns3::EventImpl::Invoke ( void   ) 

Called by the simulation engine to notify the event that it has expired.

bool ns3::EventImpl::IsCancelled ( void   ) 

true if the event has been canceled.
Invoked by the simulation engine before calling Invoke.

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