ns-3 Documentation


ns-3 documentation is maintained using Doxygen. Doxygen is typically used for API documentation, and organizes such documentation across different modules. This project uses Doxygen both for building the manual around the API documentation, and a separate GNU texinfo document is used for the manual.

The ns-3 project documentation is organized as follows:

Building the Documentation

ns-3 requires Doxygen version 1.5.4 or greater to fully build all items, although earlier versions of Doxygen will mostly work.

Type "./waf --check" followed by "./waf --doxygen" to build the documentation. There is a program that runs during "./waf --check" that builds pieces of the documentation through introspection. The doc/ directory contains configuration for Doxygen (doxygen.conf and main.txt). The Doxygen build process puts html files into the doc/html/ directory, and latex filex into the doc/latex/ directory.

Module overview

The ns-3 library is split across multiple modules:

More detail can be found in the Modules tab.


Refer to the RapidNet page for documentation on RapidNet.

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