ns3::ErrorModel Class Reference
[Error Model]

General error model that can be used to corrupt packets. More...

#include <error-model.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool IsCorrupt (Ptr< Packet > pkt)
void Reset (void)
void Enable (void)
void Disable (void)
bool IsEnabled (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static TypeId GetTypeId (void)
 This method returns the TypeId associated to ns3::ErrorModel.

Detailed Description

General error model that can be used to corrupt packets.

This object is used to flag packets as being lost/errored or not. It is part of the Object framework and can be aggregated to other ns3 objects and handled by the Ptr class.

The main method is IsCorrupt(Ptr<Packet> p) which returns true if the packet is to be corrupted according to the underlying model. Depending on the error model, the packet itself may have its packet data buffer errored or not, or side information may be returned to the client in the form of a packet tag. The object can have state (resettable by Reset()). The object can also be enabled and disabled via two public member functions.

Typical code (simplified) to use an ErrorModel may look something like this:

 Ptr<ErrorModel> rem = CreateObject<RateErrorModel> ();
 rem->SetRandomVariable (UniformVariable ());
 rem->SetRate (0.001);
 Ptr<Packet> p;
 if (rem->IsCorrupt (p))
   } else {
     Forward (p);

Two practical error models, a ListErrorModel and a RateErrorModel, are currently implemented.

Member Function Documentation

void ns3::ErrorModel::Disable ( void   ) 

Disable the error model

void ns3::ErrorModel::Enable ( void   ) 

Enable the error model

static TypeId ns3::ErrorModel::GetTypeId ( void   )  [static]

This method returns the TypeId associated to ns3::ErrorModel.

This object is accessible through the following paths with Config::Set and Config::Connect:

  • /NodeList/[i]/DeviceList/[i]/$ns3::CsmaNetDevice/ReceiveErrorModel
  • /NodeList/[i]/DeviceList/[i]/$ns3::PointToPointNetDevice/ReceiveErrorModel
Attributes defined for this type:
  • IsEnabled: Whether this ErrorModel is enabled or not.
    • Set with class: BooleanValue
    • Underlying type: bool
    • Initial value: true
    • Flags: construct write read
No TraceSources defined for this type.

Reimplemented from ns3::Object.

Reimplemented in ns3::RateErrorModel, and ns3::ListErrorModel.

bool ns3::ErrorModel::IsCorrupt ( Ptr< Packet pkt  ) 

true if the Packet is to be considered as errored/corrupted
pkt Packet to apply error model to

bool ns3::ErrorModel::IsEnabled ( void   )  const

true if error model is enabled; false otherwise

void ns3::ErrorModel::Reset ( void   ) 

Reset any state associated with the error model

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