ns3::WifiMode Class Reference

represent a single transmission mode More...

#include <wifi-mode.h>

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Public Member Functions

uint32_t GetBandwidth (void) const
uint32_t GetPhyRate (void) const
uint32_t GetDataRate (void) const
bool IsModulationBpsk (void) const
bool IsModulationQam (void) const
enum ModulationType GetModulationType (void) const
uint8_t GetConstellationSize (void) const
std::string GetUniqueName (void) const
bool IsMandatory (void) const
uint32_t GetUid (void) const
 WifiMode ()

Detailed Description

represent a single transmission mode

A WifiMode is implemented by a single integer which is used to lookup in a global array the characteristics of the associated transmission mode. It is thus extremely cheap to keep a WifiMode variable around.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::WifiMode::WifiMode (  ) 

Create an invalid WifiMode. Calling any method on the instance created will trigger an assert. This is useful to separate the declaration of a WifiMode variable from its initialization.

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t ns3::WifiMode::GetBandwidth ( void   )  const

the number of Hz used by this signal

uint8_t ns3::WifiMode::GetConstellationSize ( void   )  const

the size of the modulation constellation.

uint32_t ns3::WifiMode::GetDataRate ( void   )  const

the data bit rate of this signal.

enum ModulationType ns3::WifiMode::GetModulationType ( void   )  const

the type of modulation used by this mode.

uint32_t ns3::WifiMode::GetPhyRate ( void   )  const

the physical bit rate of this signal.
If a transmission mode uses 1/2 FEC, and if its data rate is 3Mbs, the phy rate is 6Mbs

uint32_t ns3::WifiMode::GetUid ( void   )  const

the uid associated to this wireless mode.
Each specific wireless mode should have a different uid. For example, the 802.11b 1Mbs and the 802.11b 2Mbs modes should have different uids.

std::string ns3::WifiMode::GetUniqueName ( void   )  const

a human-readable representation of this WifiMode instance.

bool ns3::WifiMode::IsMandatory ( void   )  const

true if this mode is a mandatory mode, false otherwise.

bool ns3::WifiMode::IsModulationBpsk ( void   )  const

true if this mode uses a bpsk modulation, false otherwise.

bool ns3::WifiMode::IsModulationQam ( void   )  const

true if this mode uses a qam modulation, false otherwise.

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