ns3::WifiChannel Class Reference

A 802.11 Channel. More...

#include <wifi-channel.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static TypeId GetTypeId (void)
 This method returns the TypeId associated to ns3::WifiChannel.

Detailed Description

A 802.11 Channel.

This class works in tandem with the ns3::WifiPhy class. If you want to provide a new Wifi PHY layer, you have to subclass both ns3::WifiChannel and ns3::WifiPhy.

Typically, MyWifiChannel will define a Send method whose job is to distribute packets from a MyWifiPhy source to a set of MyWifiPhy destinations. MyWifiPhy also typically defines a Receive method which is invoked by MyWifiPhy.

Member Function Documentation

static TypeId ns3::WifiChannel::GetTypeId ( void   )  [static]

This method returns the TypeId associated to ns3::WifiChannel.

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This object is accessible through the following paths with Config::Set and Config::Connect:

  • /NodeList/[i]/DeviceList/[i]/$ns3::WifiNetDevice/Channel
No Attributes defined for this type.
No TraceSources defined for this type.

Reimplemented from ns3::Channel.

Reimplemented in ns3::YansWifiChannel.

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