ns3::Ipv4Route Class Reference
[Ipv4 Routing]

Ipv4 route cache entry (similar to Linux struct rtable). More...

#include <ipv4-route.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetDestination (Ipv4Address dest)
Ipv4Address GetDestination (void) const
void SetSource (Ipv4Address src)
Ipv4Address GetSource (void) const
void SetGateway (Ipv4Address gw)
Ipv4Address GetGateway (void) const
void SetOutputDevice (Ptr< NetDevice > outputDevice)
Ptr< NetDeviceGetOutputDevice (void) const

Detailed Description

Ipv4 route cache entry (similar to Linux struct rtable).

This is a reference counted object. In the future, we will add other entries from struct dst_entry, struct rtable, and struct dst_ops as needed.

Member Function Documentation

Ipv4Address ns3::Ipv4Route::GetDestination ( void   )  const

Destination Ipv4Address of the route

Ipv4Address ns3::Ipv4Route::GetGateway ( void   )  const

Ipv4Address of the gateway (next hop)

Ptr<NetDevice> ns3::Ipv4Route::GetOutputDevice ( void   )  const

pointer to NetDevice for outgoing packets

Ipv4Address ns3::Ipv4Route::GetSource ( void   )  const

Source Ipv4Address of the route

void ns3::Ipv4Route::SetDestination ( Ipv4Address  dest  ) 

dest Destination Ipv4Address

void ns3::Ipv4Route::SetGateway ( Ipv4Address  gw  ) 

gw Gateway (next hop) Ipv4Address

void ns3::Ipv4Route::SetOutputDevice ( Ptr< NetDevice outputDevice  ) 

Equivalent in Linux to dst_entry.dev

outputDevice pointer to NetDevice for outgoing packets

void ns3::Ipv4Route::SetSource ( Ipv4Address  src  ) 

src Source Ipv4Address

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