Jun 29 ’23: Congrats to Anduo Wang for receiving tenure at Temple University as Associate Professor.

Jun 3 ’23: Congrats to Mohammad Javad Amiri who will start as Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University in Fall 2023.

May 26 ’23: Congrats to Gerald Whitters for receiving the Woody Bledsoe Student Travel Award to CADE 2023!

Mar 6′ 23: Haoxian Chen is joining ShanghaiTech University as Assistant Professor. Congrats Haoxian!

Feb 15′ 23: AdaChain paper accepted at VLBB 2023. Congrats Chenyuan and team!!

Nov 18′ 22: Haoxian Chen successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congrats Haoxian!!

Aug 28 ’22: Suagaro paper accepted at ICDE 2023. Congrats Mohammad!!

Aug 27 ’22: NetSpec paper accepted at IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. Congrats Haoxian!!

Aug 16 ’22: Flexchain paper accepted at VLDB 2023. Congrats Chenyuan!

July 18 ’22: Qizhen Zhang successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis and will be joining the University of Toronto after a postdoc stint research. Congrats!!

July 1 ’22: Qanaat paper accepted at VLDB 2022. Congrats Mohammad!!

Jun 14 ’22: Declarative Smart Contracts paper accepted at ESEC/FSE 2022. Congrats Haoxian!

May 1 ’22: Boon Thau Loo receives University Lindback award on distinguished teaching.

May 1 ’22: Lei Shi completes his Ph.D. studies and will be joining Huawei. Congrats Lei!

9 Mar ’22: Qizhen Zhang received Rubinoff award for best Computer Science dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania

24 Dec ’21: ORION paper accepted at TACAS 2021.

14 Dec ’21: TELEPORT paper accepted at SIGMOD’22.

22 Oct ’21: CompuCache paper accepted at CIDR 2022.

11 Aug ’21: Nik Sultana will start his Assistant Professor position at Illinois Tech next week!

11 Aug ’21: Pers├ęphone accepted at SOSP’21.

26 Dec ’20: Network Classification by Program Synthesis paper accepted at TACAS’21.

30 Jun ’20: Flightplan accepted at NSDI’21.

6 Mar ’20: Termaxia acquired by Frontiir. See news article.

4 Feb ’20: Provenance for probabilistic logic programs receives best paper award at EDBT 2020.

23 Nov ’19: Provenance for probabilistic logic programs accepted at EDBT 2020.

20 Nov ’19: Databases in Disaggregated Data Centers paper accepted at CIDR 2020.

11 Jul ’19: Finelame paper accepted at USENIX ATC 2019.

26 Nov ’18: GraphRex paper accepted at SIGMOD 2019.

22 Aug ’18: Congrats to alum Wenchao Zhou for promotion to Associate Professor at Georgetown University.

11 Jun ’18: Dosarray and Dostbin DoS experimentation tools and data released.

3 Jun ’18 Dr. Behnaz Arzani receives Penn’s Rubinoff award for most outstanding dissertation in Computer and Information Science.

16 Apr ’18 Commercialization of Scalanytics and its subsequent acquisition by Nutanix featured in Penn Engneering. See article.

9 Dec ’17: 007 paper accepted at NSDI 2018.

27 Nov ’17: DeDOS code release is available here!

24 Aug ’17: DeDOS demo at SIGCOMM’17 received first prize for the ACM SIGCOMM Student Research Competition.

10 May ’17: NetQRE paper accepted at SIGCOMM 2017.

31 Dec ’16: Distrbuted provenance compression paper accepted at SIGMOD 2017.

2 Dec ’16: Meta-provenance paper accepted at NSDI 2017.

12 Oct ’16: CIDR 2017 paper on Network provenance accepted.

14 Sept ’16: SplitStack paper accepted at HotNets 2016.

24 May ’16: Awarded $3.5M DARPA XD3 contract. Check out press release and DeDOS website.

22 Apr ’16: NetPoirot and Differential Provenance papers accepted at SIGCOMM 2016.

16 Feb ’16: Received Google Research Award 2016.

13 Jan ’16: Congrats to Dr. Mengmeng Liu for a successful PhD defense!

31 Dec ’15: Check out Termaxia, big data storage company led by Dr. Changbin Liu, currently in stealth mode.

27 Oct ’15: NetEgg accepted at NSF I-Corps program.

20 Sept ’15: Meta-provenance and DiffProv papers accepted at HotNets 2015.

1 Sept ’15: NetEgg paper accepted at CoNEXT 2015.

22 Aug ’15: New NSF award on DEFIND: DEclarative Formal Interactive Network Design. Joint $1.2M award with CMU and Georgetown.

26 Jun ’15: Congrats to alum Prof. Micah Sherr on his tenure at Georgetown University!

30 Apr ’15: Dr. Anduo Wang will be joining the Computer and Information Sciences department at Temple University as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Jan 2016. Congrats Anduo!

2 Apr ’15: Dr. Dong Lin successfully defended his dissertation and will join LinkedIn this month. Congrats Dong!

19 Dec ’14: Zhuoyao Zhang received honorable mention for the 2014 SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award. See press release.

25 Jul ’14: NetDB@Penn research group receives $25K research gift from AT&T Labs Research.

21 Jul ’14: Check out Prof. Loo’s ONF article on NetDB@Penn spinoff.

2 May ’14: Dr. Zhuoyao Zhang successfully defended her dissertation and will join Google in July 2014. Congrats Zhuoyao!

22 Nov ’13: Check out our Datalog survey paper!!

7 Nov ’13: Technical.ly (Philly) interview article on Prof. Loo.

13 Sept ’13: Learn about Gencore Systems, a spinoff from NetDB@Penn.

25 Jul ’13 Congrats to Dr. Anduo Wang for the successful completion of her thesis!

12 May ’13 Wenchao Zhou received honorable mention for the ACM SIGMOD Dissertation Award, 2013.

10 May ’13 Anduo Wang will join the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as a post-doctoral researcher.

17 Mar ’13 Scalanytics paper accepted at ACM HPDC’13.

6 Mar ’13: Penn team (advised by Prof. Loo) wins first placing at the Juniper/AT&T Hackathon.

1 Oct ’12: Distributed Time-aware Provenance paper accepted at VLDB’13.

19 Sept ’12: Zhuoyao Zhang received the best student paper award at ACM ICAC’12 for her paper titled “Automated Profiling and Resource Management of Pig Programs for Meeting Service Level Objectives”.

12 Sept ’12: Article in the Daily Pennsylvanian on the Penn database group.

7 Aug ’12: NSF CNS-1218066 recommended for funding.

20 Jul ’12: Dr. Changbin Liu and Dr. Wenchao Zhou have successfully defended. Click here for dissertations.

31 May ’12: BGPVerif, Route Shepherd, and SP4 demos accepted at SIGCOMM’12.

18 May ’12: Pig resource management paper accepted at ICAC’12.

18 May ’12: PennOS paper accepted at ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review (OSR) journal.

7 May ’12: Mengmeng Liu will be joining @WalmartLabs.

25 Apr ’12: Changbin Liu will be joining AT&T Labs Research as a full-time researcher.

24 Apr ’12: Wenchao Zhou will be joining Georgetown University as a tenure-track Assistant Professor.

3 Apr ’12: NSF Expeditions on Computer-assisted Programming funded! See press release.

27 Mar ’12: TROPIC paper on transactional cloud orchestration accepted at Usenix ATC’12.

13 Feb ’12: Cologne declarative constraint optimization accepted at VLDB’12.

13 Feb ’12: Declarative networking book published by Morgan & Claypool.

21 Jan ’12: FSR paper accepted at IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

19 Jan ’12: DMF‘s transactional task management framework is highlighted in AT&T’s new cloud initiative based on OpenStack. See blog and blueprint for more details.

13 Jan ’12: Prof. Loo receives the 2012 AFOSR Young Investigator Award for research work on formally verifiable routing.

16 Dec ’11: BGP reduction paper accepted at TACAS 2012.

11 Nov ’11: Invited paper and keynote speech at PADL’12 on Recent Advances on Declarative Networking.

10 Nov ’11: PUMA paper accepted at COMSNETS’11.

18 Aug ’11: Wenchao Zhou received 2nd place for the ACM Student Research Competition at SIGCOMM’11 for the FSR demonstration.

16 Aug ’11: DAWN paper accepted by IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN).

16 Aug ’11: MOSAIC paper accepted by Elsevier Computer Networks.

15 Aug ’11: Awarded NSF grants CNS-1065130, CNS-1117052, and CNS-1117185.

9 Aug ’11: FVR website is launched.

8 Aug ’11: Secure Network Provenance paper accepted at ACM SOSP 2011.

12 Jul ’11: Declarative Automated Cloud orchestration paper accepted at ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SOCC) 2011.

9 Jun ’11: PUMA website is launched.

6 Jun ’11: FSR demonstration accepted at SIGCOMM 2011.

4 June ’11: CIS 533 course projects to be presented at SIGCOMM Education workshop 2011.

29 Mar ’11: Prof. Loo is the PC co-chair of the inaugural International Workshop on Rigorous Protocol Engineering (WRiPE 2011), co-located with ICNP 2011. Do submit a paper there!

29 Mar ’11: Sandy Sun (undergraduate researcher in the NetTrials project) received the 2011-2012 Microsoft Undergraduate Scholarship.

14 Feb ’11: NetTrials demonstration and Datalog tutorial accepted at SIGMOD’11.

2 Jan ’11: Release of CIS 553 course projects based on ns-3.

15 Dec ’10: Launch of <=”” a=””>SAFEST project, funded under the DARPA SAFER program.

24 Oct ’10: A3 source code release.

26 Aug ’10: Nebula NSF Future Internet Architecture (FIA) grant award.

4 Aug ’10: Veracity source code release.

30 Apr ’10: Micah Sherr received Penn’s Rubinoff award. This award is given to CIS graduating PhDs “whose dissertation has resulted in or could lead to innovative applications of computer technology.”

28 Mar ’10: Micah Sherr will be joining Georgetown University as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2010.

6 Feb ’10: Network Provenance and SecureBlox accepted at SIGMOD’10.

12 Nov ’09: Application-aware Anonymity (A3) paper accepted at NDSS’10.

9 Nov ’09: Declarative networking paper published in the 11/09 issue of CACM.

21 Oct ’09: Recursive View Maintenance paper accepted at TKDE Journal (special issue on best papers of ICDE 2009).

15 Sept ’09: Formally Verifiable Networking paper accepted at HotNets ’09.

4 Sept ’09: Doctoral student Rafi Rubin received the 08-09 Teaching Practicum Award in Prof. Loo’s CIS 505 course on Software Systems.

1 Sept ’09: Prof. Loo is co-chairing NetDB 2009 (14 Oct ’09) co-located with SOSP 2009.

18 Aug ’09: RapidNet toolkit demonstrated at SIGCOMM 2009.

24 Jul ’09: Declarative Policy-based Adaptive MANET Routing paper accepted at ICNP 2009.

9 Jul ’09: RapidMesh paper accepted at Mobicom/WinTECH 2009.

8 Jul ’09: Micah Sherr successfully defends his dissertation, Coordinate-Based Routing for High Performance Anonymity.

1 Jul ’09: Group members and Penn undergraduate alumni Andrew Mao and Bill Marczak are pursuing their Ph.D. in Computer Science at Harvard University and UC Berkeley respectively.