ns3::rapidnet_compiler Namespace Reference

RapidNet compiler. More...


class  EcaRule
 An individual ECA rule structure. More...
class  EcaContext
 Converts a localized representation into ECA or Event Condition Action representation. More...
class  LocalizeContext
 Translates the parsed NDlog protocol in OlContext to a localized representation. More...
class  OlContext
 A parsed form of the entire protocol in NDlog. More...
class  OlLexer
 A C++ wrapper for the RapidNet lexical analyzer. More...
class  ParseExpr
 A ParseExpr represents expressions in the Overlog language. More...
class  ParseVal
 Boxing up a ValuePtr so we can pass it through the Bison parser. More...
class  RapidNetTable
 Represents the definition of a materialized table with its name and key attributes. More...
class  RapidNetTuple
 Represents the tuples (similar to ParseFunctor) that is manipulated in the rule method bodies. More...
class  RapidNetContext
 Rewrites from the EcaContext to C++ code for RapidNet. More...
class  TableStore
 Stores the definition of materialized tables for the protocol. More...


string Capitalize (string str)
 Capitalizes the first character of a name string.
string AllCaps (string str)
 Capitalizes all the characters of a name string.
string AllSmall (string str)
 Un-capitalizes all the characters of a name string.
string GetDir (string name)
 Returns the directory from the given path.
string GetFile (string name)
 Returns the filename without extension the from the given path.
string PrepareClassname (string name)
 Prepared the camel case class name from the given ndlog file path.
string FormatAttrName (string tupleName, int attrPos)
 To format the attribute name given the tuple/table name and the attribute position.
string FormatVectorAsString (vector< string > list, bool withNewLines, int indent)
 To format a vector of strings into string with individual elements separated by a comma.
string LookupFunction (string functionName)
 Returns the name of the assignor object for the given assignment function name. Like FAppend for f_append.
string LookupEventMethod (EcaRule *rule)
 Returns the name of the IsXEvent method (like IsInsertEvent, IsDeleteEvent, etc) by looking at the rule event.
string LookupActionMethod (EcaRule *rule)
 Returns the name of the action method (like Insert, Delete, etc) by looking at the rule action.
string LookupRapidNetTypeCode (ValuePtr value)
 Returns the name of the type enum in RapidNet.
string LookupRapidNetValueClass (ValuePtr value)
 Returns the value class name in RapidNet.
string LookupRapidNetTypeCode (string type)
 Maps the type name used in NDlog to type name string used by GetTypeName().

Detailed Description

RapidNet compiler.

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