Ipv4 Routing

Collaboration diagram for Ipv4 Routing:


class  ns3::Ipv4Route
 Ipv4 route cache entry (similar to Linux struct rtable). More...
class  ns3::Ipv4MulticastRoute
 Ipv4 multicast route cache entry (similar to Linux struct mfc_cache). More...
class  ns3::Ipv4ListRouting
class  ns3::Ipv4RoutingTableEntry
class  ns3::Ipv4MulticastRoutingTableEntry
 A record of an IPv4 multicast route for Ipv4GlobalRouting and Ipv4StaticRouting. More...
class  ns3::Ipv4StaticRouting
 Static routing protocol for IP version 4 stacks. More...

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for Ipv4 routing protocols. Defines two virtual functions for packet routing and forwarding. The first, RouteOutput(), is used for locally originated packets, and the second, RouteInput(), is used for forwarding and/or delivering received packets. Also defines the signatures of four callbacks used in RouteInput().

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