Collaboration diagram for Udp:


class  ns3::UdpHeader
 Packet header for UDP packets. More...
class  ns3::UdpL4Protocol
 Implementation of the UDP protocol. More...
class  ns3::UdpSocketFactoryImpl
 Object to create UDP socket instances. More...
class  ns3::UdpSocketImpl
 A sockets interface to UDP. More...

Detailed Description

This is an implementation of the User Datagram Protocol described in RFC 768. It implements a connectionless, unreliable datagram packet service. Packets may be reordered or duplicated before they arrive. UDP generates and checks checksums to catch transmission errors.

The following options are not presently part of this implementation: UDP_CORK, MSG_DONTROUTE, path MTU discovery control (e.g. IP_MTU_DISCOVER). MTU handling is also weak in ns-3 for the moment; it is best to send datagrams that do not exceed 1500 byte MTU (e.g. 1472 byte UDP datagrams)

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