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 assert functions and macros
 Logging functions and macros.


#define NS_BREAKPOINT()   ns3::BreakpointFallback ()
#define NS_FATAL_ERROR(msg)
 fatal error handling

Define Documentation

#define NS_BREAKPOINT (  )     ns3::BreakpointFallback ()

Inserts a breakpoint instruction (or equivalent system call) into the code for selected machines. When an NS_ASSERT cannot verify its condition, this macro is used. Falls back to calling AssertBreakpoint() for architectures where breakpoint assembly instructions are not supported.

#define NS_FATAL_ERROR ( msg   ) 


do                                                    \
    {                                                   \
      std::cerr << msg << std::endl;            \
      int *a = 0;                                       \
      *a = 0;                                           \
    }                                                   \
  while (false)
fatal error handling

msg message to output when this macro is hit.
When this macro is hit at runtime, the user-specified error message is output and the program is halted by dereferencing a null pointer. This macro is enabled unconditionally in all builds, including debug and optimized builds.

Referenced by ns3::Watchdog::SetArguments(), and ns3::Timer::SetArguments().

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