Collaboration diagram for NscTcp:


class  ns3::NscTcpL4Protocol
 Nsc wrapper glue, to interface with the Ipv4 protocol underneath. More...
class  ns3::NscTcpSocketFactoryImpl
 socket factory implementation for creating instances of NSC TCP More...
class  ns3::NscTcpSocketImpl
 Socket logic for the NSC TCP sockets. More...

Detailed Description

An alternate implementation of TCP for ns-3 is provided by the Network Simulation Cradle (NSC) project. NSC is a separately linked library that provides ported TCP stacks from popular operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD. Glue code such as the ns-3 NSC code allows users to delegate Internet stack processing to the logic from these operating systems. This allows a user to reproduce with high fidelity the behavior of a real TCP stack.

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