Access to the Ipv4 forwarding table, interfaces, and configuration. More...

Collaboration diagram for Ipv4:
Access to the Ipv4 forwarding table, interfaces, and configuration.

This class defines the API to manipulate the following aspects of the Ipv4 implementation:

  1. set/get an Ipv4RoutingProtocol
  2. register a NetDevice for use by the Ipv4 layer (basically, to create Ipv4-related state such as addressing and neighbor cache that is associated with a NetDevice)
  3. manipulate the status of the NetDevice from the Ipv4 perspective, such as marking it as Up or Down,
  4. adding, deleting, and getting addresses associated to the Ipv4 interfaces.
  5. exporting Ipv4 configuration attributes

Each NetDevice has conceptually a single Ipv4 interface associated with it (the corresponding structure in the Linux Ipv4 implementation is struct in_device). Each interface may have one or more Ipv4 addresses associated with it. Each Ipv4 address may have different subnet mask, scope, etc., so all of this per-address information is stored in an Ipv4InterfaceAddress class (the corresponding structure in Linux is struct in_ifaddr)

Ipv4 attributes such as whether IP forwarding is enabled and disabled are also stored in this class

TO DO: Add API to allow access to the Ipv4 neighbor table

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