DS2: Declarative Secure Distributed Systems


The DS2 project explores a unified declarative platform for specifying, implementing, and analyzing secure extensible distributed systems. Our work is motivated by the proliferation of large-scale network information systems currently deployed for a variety of application domains including network monitoring infrastructures, publish-subscribe systems, cloud computing, content distribution networks, and network routing. Despite their widespread usage, designing and implementing these large-scale systems remains a challenge, in part because of the sheer scale of deployment, but also due to emerging security threats.

Code release: An initial prototype of DS2 has been developed using the RapidNet declarative networking system. This release includes support for Secure Network Datalog [ICDE09] and Network Provenance [NetDB08, SIGMOD10]. Source code is available for download.

DS2 makes the following contributions:

Secure Network Datalog: We have developed the Secure Network Datalog (SeNDlog) language [NetDB07, ICDE09], which unifies logic-based access languages and distributed recursive query languages for declarative networks. SeNDlog enables network routing, information systems, and their security policies to be specified and implemented within a common framework. SeNDlog has a wide range of use cases, ranging from secure routing, to anonymous networking [NDSS10], and secure cloud data management.

Network Provenance: The dataflow framework used in declarative networking captures information flow as distributed queries. Hence, it is natural to utilize data provenance to explain the existence of any network state, which is analogous to the use of proof trees in security audits. We have proposed the notion of network provenance [NetDB08, SIGMOD10], and demonstrated how they map into networking use cases, including real-time diagnostics, forensics, and trust management. We have further evaluated techniques for querying and maintaining network provenance efficiently in a distributed setting.

Secure LogicBlox: To validate our ideas in a production system used commercially, in collaboration with LogicBlox Inc, we have conceptualized and implemented LBTrust [CIDR09], a declarative system for extensible trust management, where various security constructs can be customized and composed in a declarative fashion. LBTrust utilizes LogicBlox, an emerging commercial Datalog-based platform for enterprise software systems. The LBTrust system enhances the LogicBlox runtime system to enable metaconstraints and meta-programmability, which enables customizable cryptographic, partitioning and distribution strategies based on the execution environment. A follow-up system called SecureBlox [SIGMOD10] enables customized distributed data processing to be implemented using the LogicBlox environment.





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This worker is partially supported by NSF Grants CNS-0721845, IIS-0812270, CNS-0831376, and CNS-0845552; and OSD/AFOSR MURI Collaborative Policies and Assured Information Sharing.