How to query the provenance data?

Question: How to query the provenance data?

Answer: One way to query the provenance data generated by a provenance enabled application is to write another application - a query application and deploy it on certain nodes of the same network. The query application is basically a set of rules to query the provenance information that is collected at the nodes running the provenance enabled protocol.

materialize(tuple, infinity, infinity, keys(1,2:str,3,4)).    

q1 provQuery(@X, QID, UID, ME):- periodic(@ME,E,4,2), tuple(@ME, Name, X, Y, C), UID:=f_sha1(Name+X+Y+C),
                                 Time := f_now(), QID:=f_sha1(""+UID+Time).
q2 records(@ME, QID, RID, Prov) :- pReturn(@ME, QID, RID, Prov).

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